INVESTOR VIEWS Series features: Nitin Shakdher, Founder & CEO, Green Capital Single Family Office

(Click image to play) In this episode of the Investor Views series, Nitin Shakdher and I talk about some of the challenges and opportunities he’s faced this past year and what he looks forward to in 2021.

Show Highlights

In this episode, Nitin and I talked about:

  • How Green Capital is invested terms of regions and asset classes.

  • Primary investment areas of Green Capital Single Family Office.

  • Investment opportunities post COVID.

  • Challenges in terms of relationship building and decision making post COVID.

  • How Green Capital has effectively managed risk.

  • The limits of ‘virtualization’.

  • Why Green Capital is avoiding Bitcoin right now.

  • Mistakes capital seekers make.

  • What Nitin is looking forward to next year in 2021.


2:44 “COVID provided a great opportunity to invest with asset prices down 45%, which only happens about every 10 years.”

6:15 “Without volatility there is no opportunity and without risk there is no way  to get a return….We have a calculated risk management system…and that tends to work very well for us.”

8:10 “We are definitely avoiding Bitcoin right now, for sure. We are avoiding over-expensive, over-leveraged equities for sure.”

9:20 “We’ve always considered Bitcoin to be a trading asset class rather than an investing asset class. …I’m not really sure about the adoption of Bitcoin as a currency tool. …I’m ok with blockchain as a technology, so we’ve differentiated that part.”

11:13 “We were already heavily into cash before the pandemic not because we researched the pandemic but because valuations were expensive and it made more sense to be in cash.”

12:00 “We like to meet people face to face. We like to establish relationships in terms of sitting across the table. There’s a lot more difference from talking in person versus virtually.”

16:00 “Decision-making is different (now), it takes longer. Virtualization has its own limits.”

17:20 “Cold calls and cold outreach does not help in this environment. A lot of people make that mistake. They think everyone is waiting there to see their proposal, but that is not true.”

17:50 “The best opportunities are those we have seeked out rather than those that have sought us out.”

18:20 “I think people forget, we should establish a relationship first and then talk about deal flow and investing. Relationship development takes time.”

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