Scott Treloar, Co-Founder & CEO, Noviscient & FundBox.AI

Scott Treloar, Co-Founder & CEO of Noviscient & FundBox.AI, talks about how their platform leverages technology to cost-effectively provide critical infrastructure to new fund managers, which allows them to get started and attract investors faster. Plus, how the FundBox.AI platform can help fund managers get fully registered and launched in 1 month, vs. the usual 6-12 months, and at a fraction of the usual cost. He shares pitfalls to avoid and key considerations for new managers to be successful.


In this episode, Scott and I talked about:

    • The inspiration for FundBox.AI and how they are bringing fund management into the 21st using a ‘digital operating model.’
    • The significant cost efficiencies of a digital platform.
    • The features of FundBox.AI
    • How managers can launch in 1 month vs. 6-12 months.
    • The setup process.
    • Common mistakes fund managers should avoid.
    • Why fund managers need to ‘get going’ ASAP.
    • What allocators are looking for.
    • How a digital model benefits both investors and fund managers.
    • How FundBox.IA provides trade-level data and improved analytics for fund managers.
    • What makes a fund manager successful.


1:09 | “What we identified was, it’s increasingly hard for emerging managers to get started…we think with technology and platforms, we can sort of open up a new way and start to provide a better way for managers to get started and in particular, to get access to investor capital.”

5:19 | “What’s happening is they’re spending, you know, 50% of their time on marketing, trying to figure out how to get capital in. You have this cost base that is just painful to absorb. It shortens your life if you’ve really outsourced a lot of those costs. So you know, we’ll operate a fund at 20 to 25%, of what a standalone fund would cost.”

9:31 | “We will set up the fund for $10,000, with a lot of the infrastructure already in place…so it becomes very straightforward, plug-and-play, in a sense.”

11:17 | “It might otherwise take six to 12 months to really get a fund up and running. If we really want to push, we can get it operating within a month, or at most, probably two months.”

17:05 | “We’ve seen hedge fund launches, over the longer run, declining just because it’s getting harder. That is not really enabling a new, interesting generation of managers that have perhaps more creative ways to trade the market.”

22:46 | “We think there’s a lot of interesting ways under a digital and digital operating model to create better connectivity between investors, our underlying funds, and fund managers.”

27:05 | “(A) digital approach just strips out a whole lot of cost. It speeds everything up and also starts to innovate in terms of the relationship with the manager, innovate in terms of the relationship with investors and also the service providers. So we’re trying to bring the industry into the 21st century.”


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