3 Factors that Make a Fund Manager Irresistibly ‘Interesting’ to Family Offices

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In one of my recent podcast interviews with a family office, my guest said, “We’re open to looking at smaller managers who are interesting.”

So, what makes a fund manager ‘interesting’?

🌟 1. A track record with consistently strong performance.

I can’t ignore the ‘track record and performance’ factor. It’s just a fact and it matters for obvious reasons.

A substantial track record proves your strategy is viable and can survive multiple market conditions.

Strong performance proves that your strategy is a winner, ideally.

But two other factors can also make a fund manager ‘interesting’:

🌟 2. Having a truly differentiated investment approach.

If you have a ‘proprietary’ trading method or investment process that no one else is using (and it consistently works), you could be the next supernova.

Some strategy areas are super-saturated. When hundreds or thousands of fund managers are vying for the same returns in the same space, with limited differentiation, it’s tough to stand out and do well.

Like fishing at a crowded fishing hole — it’s just harder to be successful.

Having an investment process that’s both unique and successful is a powerful combination.

🌟 3. Articulating your strategy within a narrative that combines both data 📈 and a compelling story.

You can have a truly differentiated investment strategy, but if you fail to articulate it in a way that investors readily understand, you may struggle to get lift-off. 🚀

I’ve seen this happen — a talented manager flounders (or ultimately folds) because investors couldn’t understand the strategy or connect with the manager’s narrative.

A great narrative, on the other hand, turns a dry (or complex) pitch into a compelling story.

A great narrative uses analogy and anecdotes to explain complex processes.

Because even the most sophisticated investors may not know your strategy space as well as you do.

💡 Explain your successes and lessons learned through your setbacks to strike a chord with prospective investors.

💡 Integrate a mountain of data into a narrative so it becomes more human, more palatable, and certainly more memorable.

A well-crafted story doesn’t just educate; it sparks curiosity, invites engagement, and paints a vivid image of what differentiates your fund.

Think of it this way: people are naturally drawn to narratives they can understand and believe in.

Look for the story you can tell through the data. It’s in there.

How did your strategy leverage market challenges? What are you genuinely offering to your investors that extends beyond mere returns?

The prudent use of storytelling can powerfully elevate the appeal of your fund.

It can transform lifeless data into a gripping narrative that resonates with investors and encourages stronger relationships and, ultimately, more substantial commitments.

So, as you prepare to reach out to investors, make sure to leverage these 3 factors.

With 1) a track record with strong performance, 2) a truly differentiated investment strategy, and 3) a powerful narrative that combines data and a great story, you should be able to attract (and hold) investor attention.

Have you applied these 3 factors in your marketing communications?

Is your marketing effort somewhat assembled, but needs help? Or maybe you’re at ground zero? Let’s talk!

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