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I’m Jennifer Bruno, host of Hedge Interview and CEO of Catalyst Hedge Fund Marketing.

Hedge Interview presents insights from thought leaders throughout the investment marketplace ecosystem.

This podcast is the essential listen for new fund managers seeking to better understand how to thrive operationally and develop lasting investor relationships.

Hedge Interview is designed to help all sides of the capital allocation equation understand each other more clearly.

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As a former asset raiser myself, I’ve met with many allocators. A few important points that investors still confirm:


Take the time to establish a connection and understand an investor’s needs FIRST before any meeting takes place.


Make sure to identify a potential ‘fit’ and how your offering meets a specific need.


Present complex information in simple terms and in the most concise way possible.

Emerging hedge fund managers and other founders are sometimes unprepared to meet the due diligence requirements of institutional investors. They’re often too early, lacking infrastructure, experience or business fundamentals, but they push out their pitch anyway.

Capital seekers often don’t fully understand the needs or interests of the investors they approach to determine those who is actually a suitable ‘match.’ So they miss the opportunity to truly connect.

Similarly, allocators may accept meetings when they don’t fully understand what’s being brought to the table. When this happens, everyone wastes a lot of precious time.

The interviews posted here are intended to provide valuable information that helps everyone pursue mutually beneficial relationships.

I hope you gather something useful, something that will make your next interaction more worthwhile. 


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