We’re now accepting applications from remarkable asset managers to be featured in the MANAGER PROFILES interview series.

Hedge Interview hosts outstanding asset managers who have a uniquely differentiated investment program and want to expand their exposure and awareness in the accredited investor marketplace.

Why get interviewed?

  • Investors will evaluate your performance data and all other quantitative metrics, but at some point they will want to meet you face to face. Your video interview provides an opportunity to introduce yourself and make a killer first impression with prospective investors.

  • Your video interview provides massive distribution potential. Get seen and heard by the exact audience you are trying to reach.

  • Your interview on Manager Profiles conveniently provides a ‘first meeting’ so investors can easily ‘check you out’ right from their computer.

  • Your interview may be one of the most cost-effective ways you can get seen and heard by your target investors.

  • Video is becoming the most popular and preferred way for online audiences to gather qualitative information.

Hedge Interview allows investment community viewers to listen to your story, learn about your unique edge and gather a meaningful impression about you and your asset management business. We invite managers who have a compelling investment process and unique offering to share their story on Hedge Interview.

Requirements – You must have:

  • A live track record (at least 3 years).

  • A minimum of $300M in AUM.

  • A distinct competitive edge.

  • 3 verifiable institutional/accredited investor clients.

  • Reliable, fast-speed internet.

  • Access to a quiet room with good lighting for your interview.

  • Have a decent microphone for clear audio.

Pricing: Available upon request. Includes full interview transcription, file delivery and hosting. You’ll receive a YouTube link to your professionally edited video interview and your iTunes podcast link, both of which you can post on your website and share on social media.

If you have an outstanding strategy that will impress the investment marketplace, please apply below. Once you’ve submitted your Request form, feel free to click here and set up a time to ask any questions.

Request for interview – MANAGER PROFILES