Catalyst has the expertise you need to help you


Attract allocations and build your client base faster

Differentiate your offering from your peers

Define and grow your brand cost-effectively

Align marketing strategy across your team


Engage investors through smarter communication


Adhere to regulatory requirements

Most creative agencies primarily focus on design.

They expect YOU to deliver copy (written content), but most founders are not comfortable writing copy designed for institutional investors. Great copy is the most critical element of your marketing materials. Design is essential, but design always follows content.

Investors avoid offerings they don’t understand, so articulating clearly and succinctly is paramount. Carefully crafted strategy and messaging is essential, yet creative agencies tend to focus on design since they typically don’t have an in-depth understanding of your subject matter or your intended audience, both of which are necessary to develop overall positioning and write effective copy.

The result — lots of sizzle in design, but no steak in the copy.

We’ll help you nail the hardest part of creating powerful marketing materials — writing about your investment offering, your expertise and your competitive edge.

Catalyst is different — we have the precise investment-industry and asset-raising experience necessary to articulate complex information in a simplified way that helps investors clearly understand and want to take the next step forward.

We handle the heavy lifting, synthesizing marketing strategy with effective copy and design concept development, so you can focus on successfully running your business.

Our Process


We'll Analyze Your Existing Materials

We’ll take a deep dive into your offering, your existing materials and provide valuable feedback. We’ll also analyze your peers and determine how to position you best so you stand out from the pack.


We'll Develop An Elegant Design Concept

Your content and materials should have a sophisticated look and feel, one that reflects your professionalism and your commitment to your operation. Don’t leave this up to anyone who doesn’t understand the accredited or institutional investor.


We'll Deliver A Fully-Integrated Solution

We’ll develop a comprehensive set of materials that work together in a coordinated way that makes you feel confident, well-prepared and excited to present to investors.

Catalyst’s Founder

I’m Jennifer Bruno, Founder and CEO of Catalyst Hedge Fund Marketing.
I founded Catalyst because there’s one thing I know for sure after an extensive career in alternative investment marketing and asset raising:

Asset managers struggle to effectively differentiate their offering & articulate their value proposition.

Great marketing materials and content can facilitate brand awareness, client relationship development, thought leadership and capital-raising efforts. Professional writing and design elevates your brand and gives your entire operation a degree of gravitas.

Your entire marketing effort — from lead generation, investor communications, client relationship development, due diligence, adherence to compliance regulations, and ongoing investor relations — needs to be comprehensive, inclusive, and well-thought-out.

In short, you need to work with someone who has real-world institutional investment marketing expertise to succeed.

Kind words from Catalyst clients

Whether you need help with a specific project, or if you have multiple marketing needs, Catalyst delivers solutions designed to meet your budget and timeframe.