Why Content Marketing is VITAL for New Fund Managers

hedge fund marketing can feel like climbing a mountain

Fund managers ask, what’s the value in content marketing? Why should I bother?

Think content marketing isn’t for you? Think again.

Content marketing builds and nurtures new relationships — that’s a priority for all fund managers, emerging and established.

Short on resources and bandwidth? Still, don’t skip this vital step.

Not keen on your communication skills? You may need to stretch a bit.

The thing is, content marketing is critical for smaller, lesser-known managers.

Why? Because you’re marketing yourself during the first couple of years.

Your content, your website, and all of your investor communications are a reflection of your expertise, your thinking, and your brand.

Thinking about hiring a third-party marketer? They pick you, not the other way around.

The reality is 3PMs (sales agents) can only sell so many funds adequately, so they have to be judicious about who they choose to take on.

This is why, in the beginning, having a content marketing strategy can help you develop your own investor relationships.

Content marketing is about warming people up.

It’s about:
👉 consistently communicating your expertise, your investment philosophy, and how you think.
👉 ensuring the first conversation isn’t asking for money.
👉 defining and differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

It’s an opportunity for investors to get a feel for what it’s like to be in partnership with you.

“How long will it take me to get meetings?” Maybe 6-9 months…or longer. Getting meetings depends on many factors.

Content marketing is relationship building, and both require playing a long game.

For most managers, there is no shortcut to getting an allocation of $500K, $1M, or more.

There’s a certain amount of emotional buy-in that needs to happen before an investor decides they’re actually going to take action.

If you’re only pitching and asking for money, your relationship will never move beyond being a transactional relationship, and transactional relationships are not as powerful as those that tap into emotion.

It’s about proving who you say you are over time.

Remember: investors can get dozens of pitches in a day. They are looking for easy reasons to disqualify offerings.

If someone’s been following you, reading your regular content, they love the way you think, and they perceive you as able to build strong, lasting relationships that aren’t purely transactional, they will look for reasons to keep you on their ‘short list’.

This type of investor has built a relationship with you before even meeting you.

And they’re far more likely to forgive you for a period of poor performance because they’ve had time to understand and align with your approach.

The sooner you prioritize building a content marketing strategy, the sooner you will see results. 🔑

It might take many months, but you’re building relationships that are more likely to convert into solid, long-term clients.

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